ICA Certificate in Effective Transaction Monitoring During Processing


Identifying suspicious transaction or activity red flags in banking transactions is not an easy thing to do. Yet, the statutory requirements relating to suspicious transaction reporting (STR) and recent developments in money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) typologies and other aspects of financial crime risks are ever constantly evolving and changing. Keeping up with red flags identification and employing a systematic approach to analyse and mitigate ML/TF risks is an ongoing challenge for any financial service firm and their staff.

All financial services stakeholders have a part to play as guardians of the financial system to prevent it from being abused by money launders and criminals. Your role is crucial in helping your organisation to better manage financial crime risks and to be in compliant with rules and regulations. The programme you are about to study will enable you to increase your knowledge and understanding of these complex areas. You will develop skills in working with clients and your colleagues, and to sharpen your skills on what to look out for during transaction processing, identifying the red flags for suspicious transaction or activity and practicing good evidential and defensive documentation to enable you to better support your colleagues and firm.
This workshop is highly interactive, and you will be working through a complex case study complete with supporting artefacts, reflective of real-life scenarios.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Sales Support Teams
  • Operations and Transaction Processing Team
  • Transaction Monitoring and Alerts Investigation Teams
  • Compliance Teams

What will you learn?

  • Singapore AML/CFT regime and ML/TF offences
  • Appreciate the importance of transaction monitoring work in the 3 lines of defence context.
  • Understand what to look out for during transactions processing stage, including assessment and documentation.
  • Better identify red flags during transaction processing stage and to decide whether to escalate the transaction to 2nd line of defence.
  • Carry out accurate, evidential and defendable investigations and to decide whether to file STR.

What is the commitment involved?

  • Completion of pre-read prior to attending the workshop
  • Attendance at 1-day workshop

How is the programme assesed?

  • One-hour online exam (multiple choice questions) and we recommend you attempt this after attending the workshop 
  • One free exam resit 


What does it cost?

$1,660 + GST




Can this course be taught in-house?

If you have a training requirement for more than 15 employees, why not contact us to discuss delivering the training in-house at your firm? It’s the ideal way to maximise your budget, minimise disruption and tailor content to your specific needs.

Call our dedicated in-house training team at +65 6500 0010 or email clientservicesapac@int-comp.org.


Any questions?

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