ICA Advanced Certificate In Regulatory And Financial Crime Compliance (IBF Level 1)

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The evolving regulatory landscape has resulted in a need for compliance professionals with the skills needed for the future. The ICA Advanced Certificate In Regulatory And Financial Crime Compliance with three specialisations has been developed in line with the recently revised Skills Framework for Financial Services and are suitable for those new to compliance/financial crime, in a junior role and for those who need a better understanding of compliance as part of their role. It is also useful for those who wish to certify existing knowledge via a globally recognised qualification. 

This course will help you develop a good understanding of compliance fundamentals as well as gain specialist knowledge and skills in a particular compliance area (advisory, monitoring or financial crime).  

The qualification is awarded in association with the Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester. 

  • Understand the fundamentals of compliance and regulation that apply to various financial institutions
  • Know the products and services within the financial industry and the associated risks.
  • Distinguish types of risks, requirements for suspicious activity reporting, identify key steps in risk management process and learn the enterprise risk management framework
  • Cultivating an ethical mindset, effective stakeholder management and design of an effective compliance training programme
  • Leverage data as a strategic asset, managing it to add business value
Background Module: Products and Services in the Financial Sector
  • Navigating financial services: What is meant by retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, private banking/wealth management, asset management and insurance?
  • Common product options for different business types
  • Considering risk profiles: Customer, product, channel, country
Core Module 1: Regulatory Compliance
  • Introducing MAS: The regulator and its responsibilities
  • Compliance risk issues within the financial sector: money laundering, terrorist financing, sanctions, bribery and corruption, market abuse, fraud and fair dealing
  • Defining the compliance function
Core Module 2: Identifying and reporting compliance risk
  • What risks does a financial institution face?
  • Key steps in risk management explained
  • What and when? Types of risk reporting
  • Risk assessment in practice
 Core Module 3: Developing a Compliance Culture
  • What is an ethical culture and why should we care?
  • Tone from the top: The role of the board
  • Compliance training as tool for success
  • Managing stakeholders effectively
Core Module 4: Leveraging Data for Business Advantage
  • Learn what is artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing
  • Gain an understanding to data value and data lifecycle stages
  • Develop a data strategy for data-driven compliance projects
  • Explore data mining methodologies, statistical techniques, algorithms and techniques in data analytics
  • Acquire knowledge in data and computational modelling
  • Deploy data visualisation and storytelling: using narrative representative tools and formats to create impact and value for stakeholders


Then, choose ONE of the specialist routes:
 Compliance Advisory: 
  • Policy implementation and revision 
  • Corporate governance 
Compliance Monitoring: 
  • Monitoring and surveillance 
  • Corporate governance 
Financial Crime Compliance: 
  • Policy implementation and revision 
  • Customer acceptance checking and onboarding


Download the Course Syllabus


ICTW15594_Adv Cert In RFCC_Learning Journey

  •  22 week intensive programme comprising self-study and virtual workshops
  • Access self-study materials via ICA Learning Management System
  • Attend 8 x 3 hour evening virtual workshops to complement the Core Modules

Recommended study hours
Self-study 160 hours   (4hrs x 20weeks)
Face to face workshops     24 hours
Invigilated Exam 3 hours 15 minutes


How will you be assessed?
  • A 3,000 - 3,500 words assignment (focused on Core Modules) 
  • One x 3 hour 15 min closed-book, invigilated short answer questions examination (one assessment paper with 24 questions - 12 questions for each Specialist Module)
  • Weightage: Assignment – 60%, Examination - 40%


Download the Course Syllabus

The ICA Advanced Certificate in Regulatory and Financial Crime Compliance is designed for:

  • New graduates (all disciplines)
  • New entrants to financial services who wish to enhance their career opportunities 
  • Those already working to build a career in compliance/financial crime within financial services 
  • Those who wish to certify their existing compliance knowledge and demonstrate benchmarked levels of competence. 

Participants are required to have:

  • a diploma or degree in any discipline
  • fluency in written and spoken English

Upon completion of the ICA Advanced Certificate In Regulatory And Financial Crime Compliance programme, you are awarded one of the following:



  • ICA Advanced Certificate In Regulatory And Financial Crime Compliance (Advisory)
  • ICA Advanced Certificate In Regulatory And Financial Crime Compliance (Monitoring) 
  • ICA Advanced Certificate In Regulatory And Financial Crime Compliance (Financial Crime) 

 ICA Advanced Certificate In RFCC

This course is awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester.

AMBS SmallAbout IBF Certification for courses eligible for IBF Qualified (IBFQ)

Participants who successfully complete this course and fulfill the required number of Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) for the selected job role can apply to be conferred the IBF Qualified (IBFQ) certification status.
Find out more about IBF certification and the application process here.

The ICA Advanced Certificate In Regulatory And Financial Crime Compliance (IBF Level 1) costs SGD$ 6900 + GST.

Refer to Page 11 or 12 in enrolment form for final fee payable after funding.

This programme has been accredited under the IBF Standards, and is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

Candidates are advised to assess the suitability of the programme and its relevance to participants’ business activities or job roles.

IBF-STS provides 70%* funding for direct training costs subject to a cap of S$7,000 per candidate per programme subject to all eligibility criteria being met.

Find out more on www.ibf.org.sg

Read more about the enhanced funding details.


 Programme Highlights

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Orientation on 06 June 2022

 Start your self study on 20 June 2022

First workshop on 27 June 22

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