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The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) in collaboration with the International Compliance Association (ICA), is offering two Compliance Certification Programmes to meet the needs of the industry. These programmes are suitable for Compliance practitioners who guards the second level of defence and are equally applicable to all departments; and personnel, who are at the first level of defence as risk owners. Understanding the compliance discipline will encourage awareness and collective acceptance on the necessity of practising compliance culture within an organization. 


Topics on compliance have always taken center stage when discussing corporate culture and governance. The prominence of this topic is even more apparent following strict emphasis by the regulator on this control function. Insurers are expected to recruit experienced personnel who are hands-on and conversant with such discipline, to manage the function in the existing limited talent pool. To be effective, a compliance culture needs to be developed within an organization. 

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Two Compliance Certification Programmes offered:

1) Foundation Level: Certification in Regulatory Compliance
Unit 1    Understanding the regulatory environment    
Unit 2    International regulation
Unit 3    Compliance in practice
Unit 4    Insurance, financial and operational risk management   
Unit 5    Managing the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing   
Unit 6    Financial crime prevention

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2) Intermediate Level: Advanced Certification in Regulatory Compliance
Unit 1    Understanding governance, risk and compliance   
Unit 2    Ethics, integrity and organisational culture: taking GRC to the next level   
Unit 3    Understanding the complete regulatory environment
Unit 4    Know your regulator
Unit 5    What is the role of the compliance function?
Unit 6    How to manage regulatory risk for the benefit of your firm
Unit 7    How corporate governance can enhance your firm's performance
Unit 8    How to design and build world-class GRC systems and controls
Unit 9    Managing the risks of financial crime in insurance

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For more information and to register, please visit www.insurance.com.my or email to sales@mii.org.my

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