ICA qualifications in Australia

The ICA qualifications that are available in Australia can make a difference to you and your firm. They are international and local. We have worked with local subject matter experts to make sure the content within the workshops is particularly relevant, with references to local rules and regulations and case studies.  We wanted to make sure that individuals and firms alike would benefit from both the international and local perspective. 


ICA qualifications are highly regarded the world over.  They are awarded by the leading international professional compliance association. They are academically backed by Alliance Manchester Business School, part of the University of Manchester, and they are recognised by local firms as a mark of compliance excellence. No other compliance programme in Australia can give you all these things.


The Australian specific ICA qualifications help compliance enthusiasts complete their roles and responsibilities with confidence. It can be a door opener whether this is your first role or if you have been in practice for a while. There is a complete education pathway from beginner to expert all the way up to the MSC in Financial Crime from the University of Manchester. This prestigious pathway is exclusive to all those who hold ICA qualifications.


International and local. Practical and vocational. Relevant, recognised and academically backed. Click on the links below to access the ICA range of Australian specific qualifications pages giving more information about each programme. 

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