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10 tips for using LinkedIn to land your next compliance role

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As a marketing bod here at International Compliance Training, I could talk about the virtues of social media and bore you into a catatonic state with my enthusiasm. I won’t of course. I know that social media can be something of a double-edged sword; seldom praised but an intrical part of our lives nonetheless.


The old saying goes ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’. I’m not a fan of that dictum, personally, but no one can deny the importance of a strong professional network. A physical networking event requires you to be present. A digital presence, however, is a lot easier to maintain and puts you in front of the right people at the right time.


Love it or loathe it, a social media presence is paramount for those dreaming of finding their new role in 2018 and LinkedIn is the platform that best enables professional growth.

Why not see how you can use LinkedIn to land your next compliance role?

1. Keep your profile up to date. It sounds so simple, yet it’s an often overlooked aspect of social media for many people. Keep your profile up to date with any new certifications, courses, voluntary positions, projects and publications. All of these attributes to your LinkedIn profile, which is essentially an extension of your CV, showcases you as an individual and personal brand.

2. Post regularly to show your expertise and passion for compliance. You can share articles, blogs, news reports, regulator reports and so on – anything that shows you keep an ear to the ground.

3. Highlight all of your recent experiences; professional, educational and voluntary – all experience is good experience and it will show prospective employers whether you’re a good cultural fit for the company.

4. Always be authentic and let your personality shine through. Be mindful that LinkedIn is a professional platform, so you may want to resist over-sharing or treating it like a more personal platform (inspirational quote from Facebook anyone?)

5. Keep your headline up to date and relevant, but do avoid words like ‘Compliance Ninja’; it’s cliched and looks amateur at best. Summarise what you do, why you do it and your experience. This can be difficult in a 120 characters, but it can be done.

6. Build up your connections and don’t be afraid to add people that you don’t know; you may simply have work interests in common, but once they see how passionate you are in the public domain, they’ll notice your name on your next CV.

7. Follow the companies that you would like to work for, or have a general interest in, particularly in regulatory compliance and financial crime prevention.

8. Join LinkedIn Groups and make sure that you contribute, share articles and provide insight. It’s all about what you know!

9. Use numbers and case studies where possible. These are the markers of your success, and provide further proof of what you can do. Key stats can be particularly impressive to employers and recruiters alike.

10. Show off what you know and use the article writing feature. This allows you to write and publish your work, and exhibit your expertise. It will demonstrate that you’re keeping abreast of challenges, industry developments and hot topics all while flaunting your knowledge in your chosen area.

A LinkedIn presence should complement your CV and your experience, not replace it.


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