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Five minutes with the faculty: Andy Clarke

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Andrew Clarke MA, is our AML/Financial Crime Prevention Course Director. Andy has extensive experience in anti money laundering and financial crime, having led multi-agency enforcement teams dealing with complex fraud and money laundering investigations. As a tutor he has delivered training worldwide to prosecutors, government officials, law enforcement and the regulated sector.


He has worked on international projects with the World Bank, IMF and United Nations, including compliance assessments of jurisdictions under the Financial Action Task Force AML/CFT evaluation process, as well as delivering technical assistance to developing countries in the tracing and recovery of monies lost to bribery and corruption (an impressive resume, we’re sure that you will agree!)


Andy was involved in developing a training programme for UK financial investigators and in 2010 was awarded an MA in Financial Investigation and Financial Crime.


This makes him perfectly placed to teach compliance professionals the intricacies of a challenging and complex sector. Andy has been travelling extensively, working with our client HSBC in Mumbai, but despite the time difference we managed to grab five minutes with Andy to talk about his role here at International Compliance Training.


What made you want to become part of the International Compliance Training family? What do you love most about your job?


There are so many positives of the job!


  • No two days are the same, I could be covering the same material but with different people in workshops with diverse views and experiences.

  • Opportunity to learn as well as teach. I get to share my knowledge and experience, but also get to dig deeply into my favourite topics and learn something new along the way.

  • I want to make a difference (same reason I joined the police). I can get to follow a student’s achievements; their success in assessment, their progress through the ICA qualification structure, and ultimately their career development.


What do you love most about your time here at International Compliance Training HQ?


Being part of a team whilst also being valued for an individual contribution – in my experience this is not as easy to achieve as it sounds! Strong work ethic of colleagues. Staff that are the best in their field.

You travel a lot in your role, what do you love most about that aspect?


A favourite part of my job is meeting new people. Wherever I am in the world, I know that compliance staff are going to be professional, dedicated to study and friendly. I can be in Mumbai one week, Dubai the following and Warsaw the week after. Experiencing different cultures has always been important to me; yes, there’s the serious socio-political side (which makes me sound boring), but as a committed ‘foodie’ in my down-time I love the chance to try something new.     



What do you see the future of regulatory compliance being like?


Undoubtedly a move towards a tech future, with an increasing rate of change which will make the practical side unrecognisable in years to come. I believe AML/CFT compliance will become more strategic, with artificial intelligence impacting on much of the monitoring and investigation we currently see. A big effect on areas such as number of SARs submitted – quote me in 15 years’ time when figures are 5% of current levels!


But there will always be a need for compliance staff to manage the risks; systems and controls will continue to require oversight to satisfy regulators, and there will always be a decision required on the risks of new products and services. I think it will be decades before we, as a human race, are confident enough to allow artificial intelligence to make certain decisions for us.


What three words sum up compliance?


Evolving. Challenging. Indispensable.



Tell us your funniest workshop story!


I don’t think I’m know within my family or at work for being clumsy, but…in one London workshop I managed to trip over the power lead to the projector, pulled it out and shut it down – as I was falling I grabbed the nearby flipchart and managed to bring that crashing down as well. Cue a stunned silence while everyone waited for my reaction, what could I do but laugh? And you know, no one mentioned it in their feedback – thanks guys!  



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