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Five minutes with the faculty: Tim Tyler

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Who are the people behind the scenes at International Compliance Training? Passionate. Dedicated. Enthusiastic. Often, these well-worn adjectives are used all-too frequently, and often they lose all meaning. Not when it comes to our faculty it doesn’t!


Collective experience, subject matter expertise and a fervour for compliance is needed when teaching throngs of professionals every week. Our students often sing the praises of the exceptional workshop experience (it’s always flattering to hear your positive stories!), and the tutors that make this happen.


Our faculty work tirelessly; but it’s not without thanks. Let’s take five minutes with our industrious educators and find out more about our compliance superheroes.


This week, we managed to get five minutes with Tim Tyler, who is our AML and Financial Crime Prevention Course Director.


Tim joined International Compliance Training from the Gambling Commission where, as an AML lead, he was responsible for all aspects of AML regulatory and supervisory activity. This was preceded by thirty years in UK Law Enforcement spanning the police, Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and National Crime Agency (NCA). During this time he headed a number of functions including the Proceeds of Crime Operational Command within SOCA - focused on financial investigation, asset recovery and money laundering.  Other roles included oversight of the UK’s INTERPOL & EUROPOL central Bureaux, and, working with the Serious Fraud Office in the investigation of complex fraud.

Countering the threat of money laundering has been a recurrent theme throughout Tim’s career. He established money laundering investigation teams across the UK, developed innovative tactics to counter the threat, and worked with multiple domestic and international partners to track and eliminate laundering at source.

The understanding and specialist skills he developed over this time combined with his senior manager experience as supervisor ensure that Tim is able to offer significant insight and practical expertise as a trainer.


So, without further ado, let’s find out what makes Tim tick:


Hi Tim! Thank you for your time today, we know that your schedule is packed out! 


  1. What made you want to become part of the TED team?


I have clear reasons that I feel passionately about. I enjoyed thirty years in law enforcement. During this time I worked to counter the threat of money laundering, fraud and corruption initially at a tactical level as an investigator and in time, strategically as I headed SOCA and NCA capabilities in these areas. Again and again I saw that when we worked together to put money launderers, fraudsters and the corrupt in prison, there were plenty of other criminals willing and able to fill any gap their absence created. Whilst it’s vital that we continue to aggressively investigate and prosecute offenders, there is an increasing awareness within law enforcement that using criminal justice measure alone won’t solve the problem of financial crime. The regulated sectors have a vital role to play as they of course so often unwittingly handle the proceeds of crime. I was excited about the opportunity to support the important work within the regulated sector through the development and delivery of training - and it hasn’t disappointed!


2. What do you love most about your here at International Compliance Training HQ?


I interact with well informed, intelligent and motivated professionals all over the world. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my understanding and experience as well as hearing about theirs through the many different workshops and other events that I’m involved in.


3. What do you see the future of regulatory compliance being like?


Can I be candid? There’s increasing awareness that our current approach to meeting the key regulatory goal of preventing financial crime within financial systems is expensive and not particularly cost effective. I expect that we’ll see this being addressed over the next years with tightening legal requirements, a more focused regulatory regime; increased and imaginative use of new technologies; a new emphasis on sharing of information; and finally, a more proactive approach. It is, I believe, an exciting time to be involved in regulatory compliance particularly in the context of financial crime.


4. What three words sum up compliance?


Standards. Integrity. Value.


5. Tell us your funniest workshop story!


I work hard to ensure that all my workshops are enjoyable, fun as well as informative.


One particular event in Copenhagen was taking longer than normal to warm up however, and about half an hour in the delegates were still poker faced. Two things happened in quick succession that surprisingly failed to raise a smile. I was writing on a flipchart when the stand leg gave way and the entire apparatus collapsed sending fragments of the board, frame and legs in many directions across the classroom. It was loud and spectacular and I glanced up to the class as I collected the pieces to see not a glimmer, not a smirk or even a concerned frown.

The pressure was on but I retained my composure, turning next to the whiteboard instead of the flipchart to capture the issues under discussion. I wrote expansively for some minutes whilst congratulating myself for recovering a difficult situation before realising that I was using an indelible flipchart – not whiteboard marker. My thoughts were now permanently recorded on the board. And still the group failed to respond. Perhaps that was a kindness and any response would have been more along the lines of – who is this idiot at the front of the class. I should finish though, highlighting that by the end of the day we were laughing about the entire experience with that trademark Danish dry sense of humour.




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