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Global banking and markets: Another look at the LIBOR scandal

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Financial crime is ever-present, and the threat ever-changing. Over the last three decades governments around the world have attempted to curtail financial crime risk - and with this, a raft of complex regulation has been put in place.


The LIBOR scandal, when it first broke some six years ago, not only shook confidence in the global financial system, but eroded public trust. The fines were large, arrests were made, but for many this was simply not enough.


New legislation was put into place, such as the Senior Managers Regime - but has this been effective? Is this truly enough?


Take a look at our video from 2015 on the LIBOR scandal, and the key learnings from it:



Financial crime risks are inherent in all financial markets; market manipulation, sanctions, tax evasion and corruption can have a disastrous consequences on society, as the LIBOR scandal proved. Have we moved on? Does the global banking system still pose a threat?


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ICA Specialist Certificate in Financial Crime Risk in Global Banking and Markets


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Better understand the risks presented by specific products, services, industries and jurisdictions. Improve your ability to fulfil your regulatory requirement to report knowledge or suspicion of financial crime, while greatly enhancing your organisational value.


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