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How to fall in love with your career again

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With Valentine's Day upon us, we’ve taken the time to reflect on the things that we love. The things that make us tick. The things that make us smile.


Is your career one of these things that makes your heart flutter?


Our careers (and forgive the tenuous link here - it is Valentine’s Day after all!) are much like our physical relationships. The early days are flush with excitement and promise. Butterflies with anticipation of all the things to come. As time goes on, we become comfortable and, dare we say, complacent.


Career malaise is all too common but how do you keep the flame burning? How can you return to the honeymoon phase? Is it truly possible to fall in love with your career and feel like a newlywed all over again? Are these Valentine’s puns ever going to end?


Yes. (The puns will end now, promise)


Here’s how you can fall in love with your career again.


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Think about what you want out of your career


OK, so not everyday's a holiday in the office. We get that. The life of a compliance officer is difficult. There is a changing environment which means you need to keep apace. Criminals are increasingly sophisticated with the rise of technology. The regulatory environment is tough. Priorities are often conflicting. Phew! No wonder you need a ‘happiness reminder’.


All of these factors aside, what do you love about your role? Do you have the support from your team, HR and management?


Focus on what aspects of your job that you love and you’ll find that your mindset changes. Capitalise on the good parts, and you’ll find that your current role is the right one for you.


Take the time to learn something new


It’s something of a cliche, but those who stop learning will often find that they stagnate. This is true in both our professional and personal lives. Learning something new is what keeps the spark alive, and learning for the sake of your career is as vital a commitment as that of your other relationships. The key to long-term fulfilment in your role is not to become complacent in the first place. Our world is ever-changing, and while this may seem like a trope, it’s never been truer. Regulatory and financial crime compliance is a path that constantly changes. AI, RegTech, FinTech, cryptocurrency, cybercrime, sanctions… we could go on. We won't.


The proliferation of change is monumental. There is always something new and exciting to learn within your role. In fact, it’s fundamental that you keep abreast of the latest challenges so that you can stay ahead of the curve. Developing your knowledge base is imperative as a professional. You get access to new, relevant and up-to-date information that can directly impact on the performance of your role. The acquisition of news skills and knowledge means that you can complete tasks with skill, aplomb and confidence - thus resulting in a happier you.


Remember why you chose this career path


Do little boys and girls ever dream of being compliance officers, MLROs and analysts? Probably not. But, remembering why you chose this path is imperative in your overall happiness. Regulatory compliance is never boring - and there’s always something new to learn.


And with core skills needed such as:


  • integrity

  • discretion

  • quick thinking

  • analytical skills

  • an inquiring mind

  • communication skills

  • conviction in your judgements and the confidence to challenge assertions


There are certainly worse ways to make a living!




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