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New Year, New Perspective: 5 things NOT to do in the final interview (and 1 tip for success!)

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The first two of my blogs in this short series dealt with managing your recruitment agents and how to prepare for and tackle that initial interview.


This last blog considers the final interview. It’s time to clinch the deal.


Depending on the role you have applied for, the interview process may be anything from two interviews with individual recruiting managers to a series of interviews, including panel interviews and aptitude testing, spanning several months.


Whatever the interview process, candidates would do well to remember one key fact: no matter how well you think it has been going it is not ‘in the bag’ until you have secured that employment offer and signed on the dotted line.


So, on a more light-hearted note, I would like to share with you my top five things NOT to do in a final interview:


1)      Do not stop trying. This means turning up to the interview on time, dressing appropriately and acting professionally at all times. Do not rock up late in your workout gear and fist-bump the interviewer whilst referring to him as ‘dude’.


2)      Be gracious in your acceptance of refreshments. Accept the tea or coffee offered and avoid veiled references to ‘sealing the deal over a nice cold one’.


3)      Treat the receptionists/security personnel with respect. How you treat those further down the corporate ladder reflects on you as a person and can influence perception of how you might manage a team or interact with peers or clients.


4)      You haven’t got the job yet so (unless invited) try to avoid regaling the interviewer with ‘funny’ stories involving too much alcohol, borderline illegality and traffic cones. In fact, try to avoid sharing these with anyone other than close colleagues or your friendship circle – no one else cares.


5)      Do not, EVER, wink at the interviewer whilst clicking your teeth and making a pistol shape with your hand. You may have just been through a six-month process and think you have nailed it but that ill-judged nano second just cost you your dream job!


On a serious note, treat the final interview as you would a first interview and continue to impress that interviewer – because yes: in my years as an interviewing manager I have seen variations on all the points mentioned above with my particular favourite being point five which caused my jaw to drop noticeably and I do not think the candidate was surprised to be told he had been unsuccessful in securing the role.




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