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New Year, New Perspective: 10 tips to securing the role at interview stages

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My last blog post was on managing the relationship with your recruitment agent, which I hope you found useful. This time I want to concentrate on tips for maximising your chance of securing that dream job.

Your agent has put forward your CV and called you with the great news that you have been invited for an initial interview with the recruiting manager – you really like the look of this compliance role so how do you portray a positive image?


1)   Thoroughly research the role and map your skills and experience to the role requirements, proactively drawing parallels during the interview process. Know your CV inside-out, keeping some work-based examples in your interview armoury to answer ‘give me an example of when you…’ questions. Review the job description carefully and speak with your recruitment agent who should be able to share insight about the recruiting firm/manager and will often have feedback from other candidates to draw on.


2)   Research the recruiting firm. Be prepared to demonstrate knowledge of their business, products and services and be aware of any current news about the firm.


3)   Research and be prepared to display knowledge of current industry trends and relevant current and impending legislation.


4)   Don’t be afraid to ask how the recruiting firm is planning for impending legislation and how that might affect the role going forward.


5)   If you don’t know the answer to a question, don’t wing it! Recruiting managers would rather you admitted you did not know or could not remember, but could explain how you would get the information.


6)   Don’t be afraid to clarify aspects of the job description if required and make notes if necessary – if called back for a second interview you may wish to expand on points raised during the initial interview.


7)   Don’t ask about the perks! Unless the recruiting manager raises the topic it is bad form but if asked, be honest about salary expectation.


8)   Don’t forget the interview is a two-way process – ask about progression and prospects and scope for advancement. You need to know if it is worth committing your time to this firm.


9)   Dress the part – you may dress down in your office but first impressions last and you want to make a good one.


10) Enquire about next steps – when can you expect to hear from them? What is the wider recruitment process? This will help manage your expectation regarding timescales.


This is your opportunity to shine so do it justice and bring on that second interview!




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