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Your business: be a learn-it-all

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Having a growth mindset

CEO Satya Nadella made the news last year when he revealed the secret of improved culture at Microsoft over the last few years has been down to the embracing of a learn-it-all culture.

But what is the meaning of learn it all and how is it different from being a know-it-all?

Well for starters, it does not mean that you are expected to learn it all (‘all’ being ‘everything, ever’). Instead it is about being continually curious, excited by constant discovery and innovation. Learning should not be finite but an attitude, an open mindedness to be interested in it all. 

It is not just the computer giant that is focusing on its learning culture. Google’s recruitment strategy is to employ ‘learning animals’ and Adobe, keen to ‘nurture a learn-it-all culture’, launched its first ever Learning and Development expo in San Jose and San Francisco earlier this year during which employees’ learning and development was front and centre. 

The benefits of creating a continuous learning culture

The practice that learning should be nurtured and supported throughout our careers, instead of something we stop doing when we leave school, should be embraced in business today.

The benefit of continuous learning can be realised by firms in several ways including creativity, innovation, organisational and product improvement. What learning culture are you creating?

Things to consider:

  • create a culture that encourages and allows others to learn and provide resources to do so
  • set goals and tailor learning
  • review your training providers and training offered
  • consider mistakes as lessons to be learned from
  • act as a role model.

If we stop learning things, we run the risk of stagnating professionally. So why not switch your focus? Instead of thinking of yourself as an expert, think of yourself as a student, no matter what level you are.

A corporate culture of learning it all isn’t a mere welcome addition: it’s a core business function that results in positive, effective growth. Not only will it help your firm tap into the full potential of your employees, but it will also help them tap into their full potential as people. To create the right tone from the top leaders and managers must be willing to demonstrate that they are prepared to challenge themselves. The best way to encourage a culture of continuous learning is for managers and leaders to prove to employees that they themselves are prepared to embrace this philosophy.

Given the speed of change in the ever-changing landscape of regulatory compliance, we can’t possibly be complacent and stop learning; to stay up-to-date in an ever-changing world, learning is imperative.  

Our industry must move forward to remain relevant and succeed.

How can we help?

ICT can help your firm grow as a business. For the last fourteen years, we've worked with small firms, multinationals, government bodies and regulators to provide an outstanding learning experience with a unique blend of practical focus and academic accreditation.

Business success varies and shifts; ICT know your challenges, and we embrace them. Working with you, we make sure that your team of learn-it-alls can respond to even the most complex of challenges.

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