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10 things to never say to a compliance professional

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We’ve heard some interesting things over the years when we were on the front line in our pre-ICT days. Here are ten things you should never say to a compliance professional, lest you end up on the receiving end of a scathing look (or worse).


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  1. ‘How about if we just get rid of complicated and expensive CDD procedures and take people's word for it?’

  2. ‘Compliance, eh? Who made you guys the fun police?’

  3. ‘Here they are, the business prevention department’

  4. ‘Relax, we’re only a small company – we don’t need to worry too much about compliance’

  5. ‘Smaller fraud isn’t a management issue’

  6. ‘We know we have low risk clients as we never get any SARs from the Front Office’

  7. ‘Whatever you do, don’t go down to the compliance department – Steve went in once and we never saw him again…’

  8. ‘Show me the rule that says…’

  9. ‘I used to work for the Regulator – I really don’t think I need to attend your training session’

  10. ‘But the [prospective] client hasn’t been convicted yet – why can’t we onboard?’

At International Compliance Training we are passionate about changing, and challenging, the perceptions of compliance. We understand that compliance professionals can face a variety of challenges, and we know that compliance is so much more than a tick-box exercise. Through training and education, old attitudes are starting to change, and we’re proud to be leading the way in this cultural shift.  

Have you ever heard anything like the above during your career? Let us know your experiences.


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