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Why keep learning? 5 top reasons to learn at work

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This week, 18th- 24th May is learning at work week and it’s a great opportunity to think about what the benefits are of learning at work.

LearningOne of the main benefits is that you can keep learning and often your employer will pick up the bill if it relates to your job. An opportunity to do something for free, why wouldn’t you?

But why keep learning anyway? Why not just rest on your laurels and be happy with what you know?

I recently decided to undertake the ICA Certificate in AML and the ICA Certificate in Compliance. I have worked for ICT, a training provider, for nearly nine years and yet I hadn’t benefitted from any of the courses that we offer! Having successfully completed both, here are my top five reasons to learn at work:-

  • Get outside your comfort zone - When you challenge yourself, you open up the possibility for new and exciting opportunities. Activating and challenging your brain can stop you feeling like you are stuck in a rut. If you push yourself beyond where you are comfortable and challenge yourself, you ultimately feel happier and happier people make better workers!
  • Get more from your life - Scientific research reveals that more than ever before, a challenged, stimulated brain may well be the key to a vibrant later life. Your brain is like any other part of your body: the more exercise you give it, the fitter it will become. Studies have shown that individuals who are more educated tend to enjoy better mental health overall. Pursuing lifelong learning can help you stay mentally sharp and may also be critical to your emotional health as you get older.
  • Learn to adapt to change – Increased technology and access to information has meant that the world is changing at an explosive pace. There is no way you can guess what you will need to know in the future. The best way to keep up with the changing environment is to learn how to learn. Each time you attempt something new you will not only learn the ‘what’ but will also learn how to find information, what resources are available and ‘how’ to learn.
  • Increase your self-esteem – Setting targets and hitting them can create positive feelings of accomplishment and achievement. This in turn will your boost self-confidence and increase your self esteem. After all, nothing feels better than knowing what you are talking about!
  • Improve your opportunities – If you show an interest in learning new skills then you are more likely to get looked at for those promotions when they come up. And if they are related to what you have learnt then you’ll be able to talk much more confidently in an interview.

So what’s stopping you?

If you’re interested in learning with ICT, view all courses in AML, governance, risk and compliance and financial crime prevention here.


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