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“The Beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”

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Can you guess where this quote is from?  The quote in itself is beautiful, don’t you think?  

It is not from Einstein, or Socrates, or even Gandhi who all have attributed to them great sayings about learning and wisdom.  This quote is actually from B.B. King American blues singer and musician, who sadly died last week.

For me, this quote encapsulates everything about why people engage in a journey of learning, it is more to do about something within you rather than something outside of your control.  Because the reality of it is that once you embark on a course of study, for example a degree, or a postgraduate course or diploma of some sort, only you can determine the success of achieving that goal. 

LearningThe prospect of undertaking a new course or qualification is certainly exciting and scary at the same time.  And isn’t it surprising the way people perceive you when you tell them you have just completed a qualification or certificate of some sort.  Their congratulations are genuine and heartfelt, because that sort of achievement touches a part of us that is human beyond the day to grind of the hamster wheel.  And once you have done it, you know that no one can take it from you, in good times or bad.

Whether you are looking to move job, enhance your career prospects, satisfy certain compliance requirements or simply placate a desire to learn more about your job, than the job itself.  There are many opportunities for learning, and hundreds of websites that offer the world, but deep down, everyone really knows how they learn best. We learn best, when it’s fun, and it’s really interesting; when its engaging and you are involved in trying out your learning; and finally when we value the learning which is going to provide a benefit to us in some way.

At International Compliance Training, the tutors really enjoy what they do. The students appreciate the learning environment. And the results speak for themselves, Bill Howarth, CEO of International Compliance Association, mentioned at their Awards Ceremony in Middle Temple in March 2015 that 31% of compliance staff moved jobs in the last 12 months with salary rises of 20%. Why don’t you have a look at some of the learning opportunities we have at ICT? 

Is it time for you to do something beautiful? 


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