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Five ways to make the most out of the learning platform

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When you enrol onto an ICA qualification with us, you’ll receive all of your study material through our online learning platform. As well as the course modules, you’ll be able to access lots of other support material and assessment guidance.

Here are some tips on how you can make the most of the learning platform:

1.  Test your knowledge with tasks and self-assessment questions (SAQs) 

These are a great way to test what you’ve learned having read a particular unit or module. The SAQS for certificate level courses consist of multiple choice questions that you can practice on and you’ll then receive a score with the correct answers showing if you got any wrong. For Advanced Certificate and Diploma level courses, where the method of assessment requires more in-depth analysis you can test your knowledge with short form questions – again model answers will be revealed at the end so you can compare and contrast your answers.

2.  Get in touch with other people on your course as well as your tutor 

The ‘Q&A’ function allows you to share knowledge or post questions to other people on your course as well as your tutor. You’ll often find that everyone has the same concerns/fears and it’s always good to share them with your fellow students. Once something is posted here you’ll receive an automated email informing you of the new post. Keep an eye out for useful updates and assessment tips from your tutor.

3.  Watch webinars 

Watch pre-recorded webinars that explore particular subjects in more detail and help bring the course material to life. There are also some useful ‘how to…?’ guides which provide guidance on writing in particular styles (e.g. preparing a board report) and answering different types of assessment questions.

4.  Get guidance on how to approach your assignments 

Review copies of past assignment questions that include comments from the examiner. Getting some insight into the examiners’ expectations is really valuable when you come to tackle your assignment. For many students it could be your first assignment in several years and these past questions should be your first port of call in that reflection process.

5.  Prepare for your examination with a specimen exam and past examination reports 

Practice, practice, practice. It’s the best way to prepare yourself for the examination. It’s all well and good having the knowledge in your head, but it’s a different technique conveying that in response to a question in a time-pressurised environment. We include past papers and examiners reports, the examiners reports provide a short summary on how the question should have been answered, what students did well/not so well etc., it’s a completely different technique to assignment writing and the examiners have different expectations to reflect that. It will also give you the chance to practise your handwriting!

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