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Why do we bother…?

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The keen eyed amongst you might have noticed that I haven’t published a blog since the end of November. Not because I’ve lost interest (far from it), but because I’ve been sooooo busy.

It’s a hectic time here at ICT. Interest in qualifications is huge. Our public programmes are still growing fast, our social media presence is expanding and our focus on working with in-house clients is a tremendous area of development.

Which is great for my R&D team, as we are in the thick of it - although it also means that there sometimes simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

Maintaining focus

Crime sceneWhen you’ve got your head down in product development, deadlines, version control and content generation on multiple platforms, ‘big picture’ things can get away from you. This can be the case whatever role you work in I guess.

That’s what struck me this morning. Sometimes focussing on the detail can distract you from the bigger picture and can occasionally be frustrating (hence the title of this blog). I’m sure everyone asks themselves that sometimes….?

Then something comes along which reminds you why what you do really is important.

This morning I read this speech from Keith Bristow QPM, Director General of the UK’s National Crime Agency, entitled: ‘transnational organised crime as a national security threat’.

I’d strongly encourage you to read it.

Pages 2-5 in particular hit home for me.

We at ICT obviously don’t have the same impact/remit as the NCA, but we do have the opportunity to contribute in our own way – we can provide the skills and the understanding to people who have a role to play in combatting organised crime, particularly when it comes to the ‘money’ side of it, and recognising / reporting suspicions of criminal activity.

That’s the crucial role that all of you play.

And that’s why we bother.

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Today's FCP, AML and Compliance Professionals not only can take on board the added value of our specialist programmes, but can also align their skills with latest NCA strategic developments.

January 30, 2015 10:14
Dawn said...
I couldn't agree more Dave and I do, myself, have a bit of a soap box about the transnational organised crime side of why we do what we do.....and this is something I discuss with my students.

It is easy to lose sight of the underlying rationale for the KYC form filling and, admittedly, the tedious nature of some of the more operational processes e.g. transaction monitoring etc. etc. distracts from the bigger picture.

Everything we do as AML professionals makes a difference and we shouldn't lose sight of that.
January 30, 2015 09:53


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