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Friday FAQs - What are my options if I fail my exam?

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What are my options if I fail my exam?

Don't panic! If you are studying an Advanced Certificate or Diploma qualification, ICA allows you a free resit and you will also receive useful feedback from the examiner about how you can improve as well as generic feedback in the Chief Examiner's report. Just get in touch and we will tell you what your next steps are.

If you are studying a Certificate or Specialist Certificate you have two attempts at the assessment, as long as this is within the time period that you have been given access to the materials.



The assignment question submission date on the learning platform is much earlier than the one on my course diary. Which is the correct date.

The learning platform is a generic website that is accessed from students worldwide who may have enrolled at different times of the year. sometimes there may be several questions available due to different intakes running concurrently. In general, your assignment question will be posted on the site 12 weeks before the due date. Please only follow your course diary and ignore any other assignment date you may see.



Do I have to obtain an a Certificate then an Advanced Certificate qualification before I can study a Diploma?

No, it depends on your personal experience, which qualification you feel most comfortable studying and how many hours study you will be able to commit. The Certificate programmes provide a strong foundation understanding of the key concepts and issues involved. The Advanced Certificates and Diplomas will support practical work and also expand knowledge and skill. As the academic level increases, so does the breadth and depth of the material, and the difficulty level / volume of the assessments. If you don’t have extensive work experience in the relevant area then it is possible make up for this by committing to more hours study and wider reading but you do need to understand the level of work you are taking on.

If you felt able to make the commitment to the Advanced Certificate or Diploma, and were doing so from an informed position in terms of the amount of work required, then you could potentially go straight in for one of these higher levels. Many students do this successfully.

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