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Friday FAQs - I have had my exam result but not my certificate – when will I receive it?

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I have had my exam result but not my certificate – when will I receive it?

If you have studied an Certificate level course then your certificate will be sent out in the post at the same time as your result is published (note that after February, these courses are completely online and you will be able to print off your own certificates once you have completed the course.

If you have recently received results for an Advanced Certificate or Diploma level course and you are based outside of the UK then your certificate will be sent out at the same time as your result is published.

If you are based in the UK and have recently received your exam result then your certificate will not be sent out yet as we would like to invite you to the award ceremony to be presented with your certificate. Anyone who cannot attend the awards ceremony will receive their certificate in the post shortly afterwards.



All of my materials are online but the exam is defined as an open book exam, how does this work?

We have always recommended that delegates take their own notes and relevant paperwork into the exam as it can be counter-productive and distracting to try to review the entire manual during the exam. Also ICA examiners don’t want you to regurgitate large parts of the manual verbatim as this doesn’t help to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter.

The idea of an online platform is not to print off the entire manual for the exam, or any other reason (which would defeat many of the environmental positives of not sending you the manual in the first place!) but instead to make your course materials much more accessible in a modern world where many people spend a significant amount of time travelling, usually with a laptop or other electronic device.

If you are not sure how to approach your exam read this blog for some helpful tips :- Dave's top 5 exam tips



Are the new ICA Specialist Certificates recognised qualifications?

All ICA qualifications are awarded in association with Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester and comply with the regulatory requirements for the NQF and FHEQ. Higher level awards are devised in line with QAA guidance and descriptions of standards. In the UK ICA qualifications are also endorsed by the British Bankers’ Association.

More information can be found at: http://www.int-comp.org/quality

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