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'City of London' Calling

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Do any of you watch ‘Big Brother’?

In the UK, it’s on Channel 5. I think it’s been on forever? It seems like it anyway. By the time you’ve seen the main show, the round up show, the eviction show, the ‘bit on the side’ show and the psychologist show, there’s not really much other TV time left.

To be honest, it’s not really my thing (does it show?)

I’m all for a bit of reality/factual TV though, as the stories, characters and situations you encounter tend to be at least as interesting (sometimes scary) as anything you could write about – often moreso:

  • Crab fishing on the Bering Sea – check
  • Street racing in Los Angeles – check
  • Prison gangs in (well, pretty much any country actually) – check

Essentially, stuff that’s different and thought-provoking.

Working from home?

lockLast week, UK channel ITV4 aired the new series of a show called Fraud Squad.

Here’s the summary: For the first time ever, the elite squad of detectives of 'The Economic Crime Unit of The City of London Police' have opened up their doors to ITV… (a) Documentary about detectives targeting Britain's money launderers… with dramatic arrests, surveillance operations, startling CCTV footage and interviews with victims of fraud.’

I figured it would be worth a watch, and it was. (Even if it is a bit of a busman’s holiday - and ‘no’, I can’t claim overtime for it…)

Case Studies

We use case studies as lot at ICT, and essentially various bits of this programme featured elements of real life cases. I’m not going to go into all the detail, but we’re talking about multi million pound mortgage frauds, boiler room frauds and international money laundering using wire transfers and front companies.

We were taken through the cases by the investigating officers – with several snippets from Commander Steve Head, who spoke at the 2013 ICA conference (and was very engaging).

You got to see the criminals, the schemes and the impacts on the victims. It all seems a bit more real when it’s in front of you on the screen, rather than just reading about it.

That’s the reason for the blog really – just to point you in the direction of this show. Interesting generally, as well as potentially useful if you are doing one of our courses.

It was only episode 1, so be fascinating to see where it goes from here.

And, also on the plus side, it saved me watching Big Brother.

Well, at least for a bit. It was only a temporary reprieve though. Darn that TiVo….!

(Fraud Squad is on @ 21.00 Sunday evenings on ITV4 in the UK)

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