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Friday FAQs: I sat my exam a while ago, when can I expect to get my results?

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I sat my exam a while ago, when can I expect to get my results?

The marking timeframe for exams is as follows:

Advanced Certificate courses – 8-10 weeks
Diploma courses – 8-10 weeks

You will receive an email at the end of this period informing you that your results are available to view online.



I am not sure which course to study or whether to start at Advanced Certificate or Diploma level – what do you suggest? Do I have to do the intermediate qualification levels before I attempt the Diploma?

You do not have to progress through the levels of qualification, it is very much about what you think will suit you.

If you start with the Advanced Certificate, this provides a well respected stand-alone qualification, as well as an excellent base from which to go on and do the Diploma, should you so wish. But there is obviously a cost implication for doing both courses. The Diploma is a higher level qualification and so has the most ‘prestige’, if you think you have the experience and/or commitment then you can just go straight to the diploma level.

Essentially, there are two main pieces of advice to help you make this decision:

  1. Select a course you are interested in - this could be a personal or professional interest.
  2. Understand the time commitment required. Especially at Diploma level, where you will need to ramp up the study hours around assignment submission dates and in the run up to the exam. The level of commitment in terms of study is commensurate with your existing knowledge ie: the less prior knowledge / experience you have, the more study time you will likely need to put in.



If there are not workshops or a study centre in the country where I live, then can I still study the course, do I have to travel to sit my exam?

All of our courses are available as a distance learning option with additional materials to replace the workshops.

If you are taking an Awareness course then your exam can be sat at your place of work. For Advanced Certificate and Diploma course, we will arrange a venue for your exam which will be relatively local to where you live. Wherever possible this will be the nearest British Council or a local centre of learning such as a university. If you know of somewhere local to you where you can sit your exam then please let us know.


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