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'Pimp my manual' - bespoke training materials from ICT

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Pimp My Ride

Does anyone remember MTVs ‘Pimp My Ride’ ?

Hosted by Xzibit, the West Coast Customs team would take the vehicle of a lucky individual and ‘trick it out’ – applying a customisation job commonly including a new paint job, soundsystem, TFT monitors etc, as well as applying a particular twist based on the hobbies and interests of the customer.

‘But Dave’, I hear you ask, ‘how exactly does this relate to the equally (if not more) glamorous subject of Compliance, Anti Money Laundering and Financial Crime Prevention ?’

Well, please read on and I’ll explain.

Public Courses

Here at ICT we are pretty much known for our Public Courses. I’m sure many of you reading this will have been on one, or know someone who has.

They are a great opportunity to meet other people in similar roles, often cross industry, and participate in some lively and interactive workshops. Whilst also developing a sound subject matter knowledge, a theoretical and practical understanding of the topic, and an academic qualification.

What more could you want ?

In-House Courses

Well, ICT are also able to work with our customers, developing bespoke in-house training solutions.

In the last 6 months, amongst other contracts, we have worked with three massive multinationals. Two of which were banks. One wasn’t (but say no more for now….)

By developing the content and emphasis of the programme, we are able to deliver training solutions meeting specific needs. In order to properly ‘pimp the manual’, we can also incorporate the firm’s own internal procedures, signposting their practical approach to business alongside the relevant theoretical and academic concepts.

Finally, the manual is finished off with case studies relevant to the particular industry – further embedding the knowledge imparted.

Being guided also by the International Compliance Association, these courses can be certified, meaning a qualification can also be obtained to validate the learning outcomes.

The Result

The result is a customised course, tailored to the particular interests of the customer. This will also follows through to the workshop slides and exercises.

Which are presented by Xzibit.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. But how good would it be ?

‘Whassup everybody. Welcome to the Anti Money Laundering Workshop One, with me, Xzibit….’

Something to Consider

I have put a bit of a jovial spin on it, but the underlying message is that ICT are in a position to apply its expertise directly to your firm’s areas of key interest or concern – coming up with a package which specifically meets your needs and can incorporate the way your firm actually does things in practice.

For further information on customisation, get in touch at ict@int-comp.com or call +44(0)121 362 7506

NB – For clarification, ICT is in no way affiliated to MTV, ‘Pimp My Ride’, West Coast Customs or Xzibit. But it’s a thought….

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