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Top 10 excuses for handing in an ICA assignment late!

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Despite producing stringent guidelines in the assessment handbook about assignment due dates, we still receive many emails requesting extensions. Perhaps our students prefer the personal touch or are they just trying their luck?

Here are some of the more common reasons for extension requests that we receive:

    1. Busy at work – who isn’t? Extension not granted

    2. Getting married this weekend – surely you knew about this a few months ago? Extension not granted (a little harsh I know)

    3. Birth of a child – well really, you definitely knew that was coming! But as the office is largely staffed by women, we may give in to this one. Extension granted

    4. Regulatory visit –hmm funny how these always seem to occur when an assignment is due? Extension granted (we want proof though!)

    5. Lost all my work due to a power surge – that old chestnut. Extension not grant

    6. Serious illness, surgery, family bereavement - extension granted (we are human)

    7. Left my laptop on the train with all my work on it – if we get this on a Monday morning, no chance. On a Friday… well, yes probably. Extension granted

    8. Came into work this morning and realised I have forgotten my USB with the assignment on it - oh dear. But you have until midnight to get it to us so send it when you get home. Extension not granted

    9. A restructure at work has meant that my work load has increased – if we had a pound for every time we get this request, we could stop playing the lottery. Extension not granted

    10. I’m going on holiday as I need a break from work – talk about a red rag to a bull! Extension not granted

Ok so the above is a tongue-in-cheek reflection on assignment extension requests – we of course deal with all requests in a professional and unbiased way. In reality 9 out of 10 of the above requests were actually granted -  I will leave it to you to decide which one we declined!

Making time for study is tricky though especially when you haven’t studied for a while. Read our blog about ‘Getting round to study – 5 top tips’ to get some useful advice.


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