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Right first time - words we just can't type

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Here at ICT we endeavour to produce high quality written output in all we do. Be it emails, slides, manuals, workbooks or whatever.

But I came to realise that no matter how much I concentrate, sometimes my fingers want to type words with the constituent letters in a different order to that contained in the Oxford English Dictionary (other dictionaries are available).

For example – I simply cannot type the word ‘framework’ (apart from now). It always comes out framweork. Always.   I assume this is because of the qwerty keyboard layout. Or my brain. Hopefully the former.

So in the spirit of writing a light hearted blog in amongst a raft of more serious ones, here’s an always popular list style blog of words that people at ICT just can’t type properly first time. Thanks to the contributors for owning up !

1. Jonathan Bowdler (Global Head of Compliance)

Regualtory. Surprisingly enough, our Global Head of Compliance struggles with Regulatory. As such, we have accidentally spawned a whole new area to sit alongside the other risks which fall under the Compliance banner. Typing Risk – the risk of non-compliance with recognised word requirements.

2. Lily Harwood (Marketing & Communications Manager)

Initiaitive. Lily is at the forefront of most of ICTs marketing initiatives. Thankfully, that doesn’t involve typing them. There’s no ‘i’ in team, but there are five (at least) in Lily’s version of initiative. To be fair, if you say it with a strong (and stereotypical, admittedly) Texas style accent, I think you could get away with it.

3. Wendy Parkes (Project Manager)

Inconvenice. I’m not sure if Wendy has ever been to Venice. Maybe she subliminally would like to ? attending some sort of convention (a la ComicCon), but for those in the Innkeeping trade. Anyone having that ? No ? Right you are. Fortunately, spellchecker prevents any such inconvenience.

4. Michelle Reece (Office Manager)

Honk Konk. Despite her best efforts, excellent relationship and frequent correspondence with Hong Kong, Michelle keeps mixing up her ‘g’ with her ‘k’. Although we’re suspicious this may be a reflection of the cold she has struggled to shake over the winter period filtering through to her typing. Balsam oil tissues are unlikely to help here.

5. Dave Robson (me – Assistant Course Director)

Manula.  Final one from me. I’ve been working on bespoke manuals a lot recently. I type manula pretty much every time. So I googled it. It sounds like it could be an exotic name or location, harking to pacific paradises and tropical shores. As it panned out, it was nothing that quite exciting – but the list of baby names suggested it was a girl’s name and meant ‘God with us’. Maybe that’s a blessing in disguise…

So there we go. Not massively relevant in the grand scheme of things, but a little light relief. Feel free to add any of yours in the ‘comments’ section under this blog. I’m pretty sure everyone has at least one.

In the meantime, we’re all off to work on our tpying – typnig –typign …. Oh well, you know what I mean.

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