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We are the largest and longest established provider of International Compliance Association qualifications .

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ICA qualifications are a globally recognised benchmark of competence & excellence in the fields of anti money laundering, compliance and financial crime prevention. There are courses to suit all levels of knowledge and experience.

The qualifications are listed below and if you want to see what is available in your region use the course finder on our home page.

If you are in a country where we don’t offer workshops, you can study by online learning.


Suitable for those with no experience or in an operational role and requiring some awareness level understanding of an area.


Suitable for those new to the discipline or in a junior role who want to enhance their knowledge & skills.


Suitable for anyone requiring knowledge of money laundering risk in niche areas of industry. There is also a specialist course on corporate governance.


Suitable for those who already have some experience and are looking to underpin their knowledge with a professional qualification.


Suitable for experienced practitioners and those in senior roles.

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